I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to look at this website and get to know me a bit better.

What can I do for you? What can an Internet presence do for you?
These questions and many others like them ahould be kept in mind when considering the creation of a website.

I can create a website for you; be it one or one hundred pages or more. The costs and time required depend entirely on the complexity of the page(s) that are present on the site. It also helps if you are able to provide content (generally graphics and text content). The more material you are able to provide me less time (and less money) will be required to create your website.

What can an Internet presence do for you? Mainly it serves to get you noticed by potential customers. You might require a one page website which consists of: some information about you; information about your product or service; how to contact you for more information or purchase your product or service. Alternatively, you might require a website consisting of many pages. For example: online ordering and payment; newsletter service; online brochures; and whatever else you can think of.

In general I tend to make use of Open Source software when creating websites. This tends to reduce the overall costs and manpower requirements of a website development project.

If you would like additional information or have a website that you would like me to create for you please give me a shout at:

ewilliams AT bdmcc DOT com

This email address is constructed to defeat programs which sift through a website looking for email addresses to send unwanted email to. For those of you that have not seen an email address written this way the following example, using a fake email address, should help. An email address expressed as someone AT someplace DOT com becomes someone@someplace.com.

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