Gossamer Spider Web of Trust

First you will need install the Gossamer Spider Web of Trust if you haven't already. Goto the GSWoT web site and import the Root Signing Key and set trust to a depth of two (2). This will validate the keys of the Web of Introducers and allow them to introduce keys (keys signed by Introducers will appear valid).

Please send me a note to arrange an appointment to meet (preferable) or to concider your Public Key for signing.

If you are not able to meet me face to face signing your email with a certificate or public key certified by a recognized authority would be a good step. (Trusted CACert or Thawte certificate or another GSWoT Assurer for example)

I will need the following information in your message:

Your name as it appears in your public Key, you Public Key, so that I can verify and sign it for you. Any other information you think might help me to verify who you are.

If we meet, I will need to see some form of national identity document and your Public Key Fingerprint.

Once I have verified you are you, to the best of my ability and I am confident in that verification, I will sign your public key and return an encrypted copy to you by email.


rwpett AT bdmcc DOT com

Last Modified: 21 Oct 2016
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